Peterson Pipes

Armed with an imaginative flair for Pipes and a craftsman’s background, Charles Peterson had a simple idea; to make a better pipe.

Inspired by this singular vision, he created the Peterson ‘System’ pipe and from humble origins in 1865 to today, it remains synonymous with the Peterson name.

Together with the brothers George & Fredrick Kapp, they pioneered a new standard for pipes and so began the evolution of Peterson.

The first Peterson patents awarded to them in the 1890’s would revolutionize the pipe-making world and turn a fledgling idea into what has become the oldest continuously operating pipe-maker in the world.

Today each new step in their journey is underpinned by a dedicated team of 17 craftspeople. They are the guardians of the skills and traditions pioneered by the Peterson founders.

From their home in Dublin, Ireland Peterson is guided by this heritage and inspired by the culture and creativity which imbues its island. Old Dublin, Killarney, and Donegal Rocky, are some of the many pipe creations stirred by the character of their surroundings.

While Peterson System pipes, silver work and Peterson-Lip mouthpieces are ever present, Peterson believes their creation of classic shapes and timeless finishes is what has helped contributed to our sustainability.