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Savinelli Columbus

On August the third, 1492, two sleek ships (referred to as “caravels”) named Nina and Pinta, along with a larger carrack, the Santa Maria, set sail from Spain to find an expeditious route to the East Indies. Ensconced in the largest of the vessels, the Santa Maria, the expedition leader Cristoforo Colombo never realized his dream of reaching the riches of the East Indies, but his discovery of San Salvador (the Bahamas), Cuba, and Hispaniola on his first voyage would forever change the world. The three pipes of the Columbus series are aptly named “Nina”, “Pinta” and “Santa Maria.” Each “ship” can be distinguished by finish (Nina = rusticated brown, Pinta = smooth brown, Santa Maria = smooth Bengal), as well as by the color of inlay, nestled between two gleaming bands. Dedicated to the intrepid explorer, as well as the dreamer in all of us, a Columbus pipe will make a unique addition to most any collection.

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