Savinelli Fuoco

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian artisan who might be best comparable to Hieronymus Bosch, if he can be compared to anyone at all; that is to say, though their subjects were quite different (Giuseppe specialized in portraiture), Arcimboldo also created works equal parts complex, bizarre, and beautifully rendered, in a style so surreal one would hardly expect it from an artisan who lived so many centuries ago. Indeed, even though he is considered a Mannerist thematically, the stylization of his works stands out as completely unique amongst the other artists even of the very same school. And it is in his honor that Savinelli introduces the new Fuoco series, each briar presented in a box bearing his famous Fuoco, or Fire which was created for the Hapsburgs as part of a his famous four-portrait Four Elements series. Fitting to Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s style of frequently setting his subjects against dark, shadowed backgrounds, the briars of this line are offered in three dark palettes; a deep, rich, auburn-tinged, almost smoldering walnut smooth finish, an extremely dark and smoky black-over-tan smooth finish, and charming black-and-walnut rustication. All three styles come accented with bright aluminum mounts.